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This is Your Brain on Pregnancy


We’ve all heard about it, read articles about it, and witnessed friends/family endure it… pregnancy brain fog, aka “Baby Brain”.

But does it medically exist?

According to doctors at the Mayo Clinic, no – or at least, it hasn’t been proven. (I know, you so wanted it to be true.) This isn’t to say that being pregnant doesn’t have an effect on your brain. For one, you’re tired – really, really tired – and anyone who has every had a poor night of sleep or been over-worked can tell you that they aren’t operating at the top of their game the next day. Then there’s also being distracted. It’s hard to focus on that meeting when you’re fighting off the urge to lose your lunch, being kicked in the rib, and thinking of all the things you have to do and learn to prepare for the baby. So though there are some studies that have indicated that our raging hormones could have some impact on our mental faculties, chances are, you’re just tired, distracted, over-worked, and generally, well, pregnant. Sorry ladies!

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