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Sick Happens


You may have noticed that the last few weeks have been a little slow (nonexistent) on this blog. As it is the beginning of the cold and flu season, it will come as no surprise to you that my house has been hit with the annual plague that seems to descend this time every year.

Last year, my son came down with his first stomach flu the day before his first birthday which culminated in him projectile vomiting all over my aunt (sorry again about that Aunt Nancy). That flu ravaged my entire family and my nanny’s entire family before disappearing.

This year my son held off on his stomach flu until after his birthday and selected my husband as the victim of his hurling – I fear next year it will be my turn. We took the poor kid into his pediatrician immediately after we cleaned up and he received a prescription for anti-nausea pills. I wish they had had these quick dissolve pills around when I was a kid, they are fantastic because kids can’t spit them out and my son actually likes them. Yes, you read that right, my child likes medicine – he even likes the liquid ibuprofen we give him! Clearly they have made some improvements since my banana-flavoured medicine childhood in the UK. So after four days of diarrhea then throwing up, we got him on the anti-nausea meds and things improved greatly. He still had a few more days of diarrhea and associated grumpiness, but is all better now. This brings me to his parents. I avoided the stomach flu only to come down with a cold the next week. Meanwhile my darling husband has been dealing with the stomach flu. Fun.

Here’s hoping that we all get better and stay better for a little while!

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