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Constructing a Party


You would think that because I’m an engineer, my son’s second birthday party would be construction themed. You would be right, but it was not thanks to my love for large machines that beep when they back up, it was for his passionate desire to submerge himself in an orange and yellow dirt-filled paradise.

So on this past Saturday we held a rocking birthday party for our little man. He spent a large portion of the party running around the house at a dead sprint yelling “BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!” You might say he’s an extrovert.

We elected to serve lunch (a make-it-yourself sandwich bar, fruit and salad) then cake and ice cream. We had planned to open presents, but we were having so much fun that all the kids had to leave to go home for naptime before we got around to it. Luckily, we were able to fit in opening presents from our family and adult friends after the other children left, but before our son collapsed. We gave him presents from us and his friends on his actual birthday to make the day more celebratory.

The hit of the party besides the cake (because isn’t cake the hit of any party?) were these cups I ordered for the kids.


They aren’t built to last, but they made great decorations and cups for the kids. So back to the cake which I admittedly spent the most energy on since it was the first “real” cake I’ve ever made. I discount the un-iced angel food cake I made for his first birthday when he couldn’t eat dairy. I got my inspiration from Pinterest like every woman since Pinterest was launched. However, I did make it my own with some tweak.

I started by making a little army of orange cones.


To make these, I took the filling out of Oreo’s then dyed it bright orange (two drops of red and two of yellow gel food colouring per Oreo center, if you are planning to do this).


Next I sculpted them into orange cones – you can make three mini cones per Oreo filling. I used my mortar and pestle to crush the Oreo wafers and put them to the side for use as dirt on the top of the cake. Then I baked two 9-inch round chocolate cake layers and a batch of vanilla cupcakes – which I also dyed orange.


Once the cake had cooled I stacked it, then cut a hole in the top layer for the excavator to be digging and iced it. I also iced the platter to make a whole “job site” scene.


Then I got busy with sprinkling the crushed Oreo’s and a little bit if light brown sugar for sand. I added my excavator and orange cones then dropped on some chocolate rocks which I bought from our local frozen yogurt place.


Then I added un-iced cupcakes to the platter and piped my son’s name on those. Voila! Cake!




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  1. 10/21/2013 10:38

    Fantastic cake!

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