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The Little Athlete(‘s Foot)


“A baby can get athlete’s foot?” I asked my husband incredulously. “Well that’s what it looks like to me!”

I have to concede that, ahem, this time, my husband was right.

How, you might ask, did my baby get athlete’s foot? That took some narrowing down, but ultimately it turned out it was from these little rubber Croc-esque shoes he has. His poor little toes started peeling first, then the soles of his feet. During one bout (yes, we have had three trips down this road – the first of which was when he was only 15 months old), his big toe even split and caused him pain.

So what does one do about athlete’s foot on a baby/toddler? The over-the-counter adult medications are pretty strong and not approved for young children, so I did the next best thing, checked what the collective wisdom of the Internet had to say! Normally this is my first stop before I call my pediatrician so I can be that annoying parent who asks about all those things that other people on the Internet suggest. (I’m sure he loves me!) At any rate, in this case, one of the tips I found was to use Desitin. For those of you who know me personally, you will know that I feel about Desitin the way that Toula’s dad feels about Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Got a problem? Put some Desitin on it!

So instead of calling my pediatrician this time, I used my handy Maximum Strength Desitin and applied it liberally to my son’s feet. Wouldn’t you know it, the athlete’s foot problem was significantly better after one day and eradicated a few days later. I advise applying at least three times a day for the fastest results: upon waking, immediately after a bath, and right before bed. I typically put socks on after I apply it to keep curious fingers at bay, then remove the socks later.

* Note that Desitin does not sponsor my blog, but maybe I should look into it. *

Good luck with those stinky toes!

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  1. 09/16/2013 20:56

    Great work using Desitin! I love simple cures to what can feel like a big problem!

  2. kate C. permalink
    10/13/2013 17:31

    Interesting! I had never heard of this use for Desitin (or the original problem).

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