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Temperature Control


Not long ago I was going about my day running errands with my son when I came across a crying infant alone in a car with all the windows up and the doors locked. While I’m sympathize with the newfound challenges of running errands that all new parents face, please do not leave your child unattended in a car for any length of time. Not only is it illegal – at least in 19 states currently with more working on it ( – but it is an incredible danger to the well being of your child.

Temperatures, even on a relatively cool day can rise at an alarming rate in your vehicle thanks to the greenhouse effect taking place. See the below chart for exactly how scary that “quick run into the store” while your little angel snoozes can be. On a 75 degree day, which most would consider “mild” your car can reach 94 degrees in just 10 minutes!


Some more drastic circumstances of children being left in vehicles accidentally were chronicled by The Washington Post in 2009 in a very disturbing article about the distractions that take otherwise loving and caring parents’ attention away from their precious cargo with tragic consequences. I warn you now that the article is painful to read as a human and gut-wrenching to read as a parent. Though I am still glad I read it:

Returning to my anecdote about my shopping trip, the most disturbing part of the entire event (thankfully the baby was fine, just sweaty) was when I ran up to a parking lot attendant to help me get into the car, his initial response was to sigh and say “Again?!? This is the third time I’ve had to deal with this!” Clearly this is not a one-off event of bad parenting by a strung out new mom if a random parking attendant at Costco has dealt with it multiple times. So I beseech you, please share this information with parents you know, an innocent, but serious, mistake by a tired parent might be averted and we can all sleep better at night knowing the little ones are safe.

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