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The Accident


Two years ago today there was an accident, a bad accident and I could have lost my father, but I didn’t.

I have always loved and respected my father, and we have grown much closer as I turned to him for guidance in my adult life, but it wasn’t until the accident, and the subsequent birth of my son that I really understood what my father means to me. It’s amazing how becoming a parent sheds an entirely new light on your own parents. Suddenly it all makes sense, every time they lectured you or gave you a pop-quiz in history, the times when you may not have wanted that extra tight hug when you wanted to run off and play with friends, but you received it anyway. Being a parent makes you understand why it may not be a terrible thing if you turned into your mother or father when you “grow-up”.

Today has become so much more a Father’s Day to me than any Hallmark holiday could ever be,  so today we are celebrating living la dolce vita – the sweet life. We are celebrating my father, grandfather to my son who shares his name. We are enjoying being a family and all the joys of watching a little one grow and develop.

And I couldn’t be more grateful.

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