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The Young and The Toothless


Last November my family moved to a new house. We took this opportunity to baby-proof the heck out of our house as my son was just starting to walk and was still in the step-step-face plant stage. Enter irony. One week after our big move, my son was teetering along when he fell and assaulted our new couch with his face. Do normal people baby-proof their soft-edged couches? No idea, but in our baby-proofing mania, that didn’t even make the “maybe” list. Needless to say, the couch won the confrontation and blood was pooling around the base of my son’s lower front tooth. I like to think I’m calm in a crisis, I am the go-to person at work for such situations and I can handle my son’s cuts and bruises like a champ, but this totally freaked me out. After all, my son only had four teeth at the time, he couldn’t loose 25 percent of his teeth before he could even say the word “teeth”! Luckily my husband bailed me out by calling our adult dentist for a recommendation then got us in to that pediatric dentist within a half hour. Boom, I married well!

The dentist did not deliver good news though. She assured us that our son had broken his tooth and would lose it. Our goal would be to keep that tooth in his head as long as possible to protect the adult tooth just beginning to form as well as keep his other teeth from crowding as they came in.

Fast forward ten months of screaming during tooth brushing and being careful with the wobbly tooth while also trying to keep the area clean.

Then one day the tooth just decided it had had enough and jumped ship. My son didn’t even notice! He had the tooth at the beginning of lunch and it was gone by the end. We took him back to the dentist, who was thrilled that the tooth had hung on so long (probably because she didn’t witness the daily screaming brushing sessions), gave the thumbs up that all is well. Now we just will have a gappy-toothed child for the next four years or so. At least he lost the first tooth he got because the adult teeth come in in the same order!


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