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My whole adult life I’ve been told, “You’re such an engineer.” I consider this a compliment. I am a linear and logical thinker, and require definitive responses to questions. This is not to say that I don’t have a personality or interpersonal skills, I’ve always had a lot of friends – I promise! There’s a reason I now work in management instead of pure design consulting – I missed the human interaction, and even (gasp) the meetings!

I have to thank my cousin for inspiring me to write this blog. She and I talked for quite some time about what it would be like when we were pregnant and she told me I should blog about it. So here we are…..

I found in both making the decision to try to have a baby and in the planning for that process that there was an overwhelming amount of information available online. I learned that there are people who are so wrapped up in this stuff that they can’t take a step back and realize they are being alarmists. I’m not a doctor, but I have studied science, and I am typically pretty good at sorting out the good/the bad/and the ugly from online forums, but even I found myself beginning to hyperventilate at all the do’s and don’ts of the pregnancy world. How do you know what’s really important when there are so many people telling you what to do? So I promise the following, when I make a claim in this blog, I will provide a legitimate source (i.e. The Mayo Clinic), or I will make it perfectly clear that I have no source and it is my opinion.

In the parenting portion of the blog, most of the information will be cited, but that which isn’t I will based on my own experience and “approach to parenting” as the mom to a delightful (in my opinion) little boy.

So let’s get started, and if you decide to comment on my blog posts, please, be rational.

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  1. bianaatconductor permalink
    09/24/2013 19:09

    I wrote a blog post about my own experience as an engineer (software, in my case) who recently became a mom. As you well know, our natural patterns of thinking are not necessarily the ones best suited to solving parent problems.

    • 09/25/2013 16:00

      Hi fellow engineer! I read your blog post and enjoyed it. Particularly the code jokes about singing. I’m useless at coding, but my husband is a computer engineer so I at least get the jokes! đŸ˜‰ Hope you continue blogging and thanks for checking out my blog!

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