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Friendship After Baby


Friendships gets harder as you get older, but it seems even more challenging when you add kiddos in the mix. Why is it that having a baby causes a divide in friendships? My husband and I have friends with kids and friends without kids, but most of the kids have come after ours. Since we became parents, we have reconnected with old friends who have older children, but have found it increasingly difficult to see our friends without kids. It’s like people without kids live in a different time zone. We live in the get up and go to bed early time zone while they sleep in after a night out. I’m not saying we never see them, but it makes it challenging when dinner plans need to be at 5 pm to accommodate bedtime.

So how do you spend time with your childless friends without dragging them on a family zoo trip or getting a babysitter? Leave your tips and tricks in the comments!

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  1. viv permalink
    08/26/2013 16:43

    I know you said “without getting a babysitter” but we just go the babysitter route. 🙂 After we put the monster to bed, the sitter comes in, the parents go out.. and we get to be “single” again and pay for it the next morning. And for that reason – I kinda secretly prefer hanging with my friends that have children instead. 🙂

  2. 08/26/2013 19:25

    It can be difficult at first but after a while and right after you have adjusted with life and having a baby, connecting with friends can get so much easier. It is also true that getting connected with friends who have children is easier than connecting to those who doesn’t. But, if the friendship is real, there is really no reason why you cannot interact. I have this group of friends, some have a family and some don’t but, all of us get along.


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