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My Favourite Baby Books That I’d Never Heard Of


I have to say that one of my favourite developmental milestones for my son (so far) was when he visibly started enjoying the books I was reading to him. I’m sure he was being enriched and being amused by them previously, but around 4 months old he started interacting with the books and focusing on each page as I turned it.

The first time I was reading a book and he looked back at me and smiled was magic…

Given my love of reading to him, we have a smallish library of books, but I want more! So I decided to share a list of my favourite baby books that I hadn’t heard of before I had my son in hopes that some of you might leave your recommendations in the comment section. We, of course, have the classics: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, Where is Spot? and Goodnight Moon, but I like to venture beyond!

My current favourite baby books (beyond the classics):

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  1. 03/20/2012 09:46

    I love anything by Sandra Boynton – The Going to Bed book might be my favorite. Then again, the Belly Button book is pretty cute. And she makes children’s music too, which is a lot of fun. Enjoy!

    • 03/26/2012 14:45

      Thanks for the recommendation. We bought a couple of the Boynton books and really like them!

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