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Guest Blogger: “The Biologist”


First of all, let me introduce myself. I am NOT an engineer! However, I am a scientist – a biologist, in fact. I don’t claim that biologists and engineers see the world in the same way, in fact, from my experiences there might be some major differences between the worldview of the typical biologist and the typical engineer. But, I think because I happen to be related to the main author of this blog and have been active in the comments section to other posts, and am a scientist, which is at least more similar to an engineer than, say, an English teacher, I have been asked to do a few guest posts.

You can just call me “The Biologist.”

Specifically, I am a small college biology professor who teaches cellular and molecular biology, as well as a ‘Biology of Women’ course where we cover all aspects of ‘female’ biology – from puberty and the reproductive cycle to pregnancy, birth and also menopause, breast cancer, and heart disease! It’s a fun class and students learn a lot!

I also have three kids – all girls!

*Note from The Engineer: The Biologist will be sharing several blog posts in the next few weeks and if I can convince her, maybe longer. I’m thrilled to welcome another rational and logical poster to share her experience and knowledge.

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