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Why I Love Breastfeeding


It has been brought to my attention that I may have scared several non-mommy readers with my last post about one of the challenges I have had breastfeeding. I found this particularly concerning since I actually happen to love breastfeeding. It is easily one of the most special and rewarding things that I have done. So in the future, I will try to start with a post about the positives of a topic then move into the challenges. My goal with this blog is to provide helpful information to other people like myself, certainly not scare people away from parenting and all that it has to offer both in rewards and challenges!

So why do I love breastfeeding?

  • Bonding: Before I had my son, I felt that “bonding” was a parenting buzzword similar to the corporate buzzwords like “synergy” and “outside the box”. After having breastfed my son for four months (so far), I would say that bonding it provides is wonderful. At first the bonding came in the form of just simply spending so much time together (feedings every 1.5 hours do add up), but as the feedings spaced out, the bonding came from the actual suckling and comfort I could tell that it was providing him. At four months, the bonding is still from the time and the suckling, but it’s also recently added a new component when my son pulls away, looks up at me and starts to smile and coo like he’s telling me all about his meal and how happy he is. These are the special moments that I will always remember.
  • Slowdown Time: Breastfeeding gives me time to sit down in my day where I still feel productive. As I run around the house making dinner or doing household tasks while he naps or sits and “talks” to me, it’s easy to forget to sit down and take a moment to rest. Of course, this changed after the first two months when I did plenty of sitting with all that feeding! So I spend my time breastfeeding maybe reading a book on my e-reader, typing a blog post, catching up on a favourite show, or simply gazing at my beautiful baby.
  • Convenience: I have on-tap, pre-warmed nutrition just waiting for my son. No bottles to heat up while he waits impatiently. Of course, the convenience of breastfeeding also depends on your comfort level with feeding in public, but there is always the pumping option and you can bring the bottle with you.
  • Weight Loss: We all gain a little weight during pregnancy and breastfeeding really helps to melt away those pounds quicker (with appropriate diet and exercise, of course!).
  • Nutrition for Baby: This item is actually much higher in my list, probably #1, but I plan to write an entire blog post on this topic later so stay tuned…
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