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Childbirth Preparation 103: Breastfeeding


So many classes to take so little time! Would I rather be playing with all the fun gifts the baby has received in the nursery? Heck yeah! But alas, we also have to be parents too, apparently the child comes as a living, breathing organism, not a doll you can just dress up and play with.

The latest class was a 2.5 hour breastfeeding course that the father’s were encouraged to attend as the baby-brained mom’s memory banks. My favourite part of the class was the “what can I eat while I’m breastfeeding” section which was quickly followed by unanimous squeals of glee from the mothers-to-be when sushi was on the list (perhaps a good time to note that we live in California). So it looks like it’s back to sushi (keeping the limits of consumption of fish high in mercury to pregnancy levels) and turkey sandwiches for me!

All joking aside, the course was informative, but could have been more around the one hour mark. They reviewed the correct positioning to achieve the best latch-on for your baby and how to deal with sore nipples (rub a little breast milk on them and let them air dry post-feeding as well as lanolin). My hospital also happens to have countless resources for new breastfeeding moms which I would not have been fully aware of had I not attended the class. Check with your local hospital and see if they have breastfeeding clinics (ours has group or private sessions, a free question hotline, support groups, and a physical location that you can drop by and breastfeed your baby and get help/feedback from nurses).

Yes, women have been breastfeeding for thousands of years, but they often were raising their children with a village of support. This village tends to not exist in modern society so we need to create our own!

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