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A Minor (Birthday) Event


There’s something about celebrating your birthday while 8 months pregnant that really puts perspective on the importance of an adult birthday. With all the other preparation, anticipation and gifts, even a “big” birthday seems to blend into the woodwork.

I remember when I was a child birthdays were this magical day of the year. Christmases were always great, but birthdays were really special because they were just for you. As I transitioned into adulthood the importance of those two days reversed and suddenly Christmas was my special time with my family and my birthday was a great time to spend with friends/family/significant others, but otherwise just another day. Now I’m preparing to be a mother and give a little human a birth-day of their own, I realize that this will probably be the last year I really find my birthday important at all…

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  1. Kate c. permalink
    09/24/2011 12:23

    Until your kids are old enough to get excited about your birthday for you anyway!!! At certain ages cake is great no matter who it is for! 🙂

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