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Interior Decorating Frugal Style


How many opportunities do you have to complete revamp one of the rooms in your house? And not only redecorate, but you get to use a colour scheme that might otherwise be considered tasteless. Score! I’ve always wanted a room in my house that is primary colours, perhaps because that was the colour palate of my room growing up so I have some associated nostalgia. I have long compromised with splashes of red around my home with rugs, blankets, art and pillows, but now I get to go whole hog.

My patient husband spent this past weekend painting the nursery a wonderful lemony yellow while I spent it sewing some baby-related items with my mother. Nearly everything in the room will be royal blue or red which will complete my primary colour theme and make for a nice, bright space (in my humble opinion).

That being said, my real goal with the baby’s room was that it didn’t scream NURSERY! I have often seen beautiful nurseries in magazines, but it seems to me that in the fervor of nesting and preparing for the baby, people seem to forget that the baby is a baby for quite a short while. You might save a bundle by designing your room for your future 10 year-old instead.

We found a crib that converts to a toddler bed, then a day bed, then has rails that convert the bed to a double (you, obviously, need a new mattress for this last conversion). We’re also using some modular cubes (nice wooden ones) that can be organized/stacked into pretty much any space you require. Then for some unification with the rest of the house (and because my parents have been generous with their hand-me-downs), we’re adding some lovely antique pieces to the mix – including a dresser which we will use as a changing table with a pad and non-skid pad holder while the baby is still, well, a baby. A few easy linen and wall hanging changes will keep the room relevant from baby through toddler and (hopefully) well beyond.

Happy designing!

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  1. 08/29/2011 17:44

    Can you show us some pictures?? 🙂

    • kate C. permalink
      08/29/2011 19:46

      My thoughts exactly! Pictures!!!

    • 08/31/2011 09:02

      Will do once we get the room set up! The paint is drying on the trim still. 🙂

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