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Baby Book Review: “The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight”


As this review pre-dates the birth of my child, it will be from that perspective and will mainly be about what content is available in the book and the general tone of the book, not if the methods described in the book really work.

Post Topic: The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight by West

The Sleep Lady takes you on a stroll through her techniques for helping to get your little one to sleep (and keep them asleep). The book’s tone is gentle and is organized very conveniently by age group which saves a lot of reading time and mental energy. I found the age ranges more granular than in other books which was really helpful for a first time mother. For example, there was a newborn section which included the first few weeks, then up to six to eight weeks, and did not just lump them in with the up-to-four-month age group which was very comforting because logic tells me a two-week-old is quite different from a three-month-old. The author takes a much more relaxed view of the first few weeks and contends that babies in that age range are not capable of forming bad habits. So while having a baby is still very much a feet first approach to learning, at least there are a few weeks of forgiveness while you figure out the basics – like how to change a diaper and give a bath!

At times the book becomes a little repetitive, but my husband and I have found that with all the baby books we’ve read so far so perhaps it’s just the en vogue format for delivering baby-related knowledge. The author mentions a number of other resources and provides a list of resources in an appendix of the book. Most notably, the author references the author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, Dr. Harvey Karp, for all techniques related to calming your baby. Oddly enough, the part of the book that I found most informative (after having read several baby books, by more informative I mean new information) was a several page appendix on safe sleeping practices for babies. This appendix included sleep positions for the baby as well as information about what can and cannot be in the crib and around the baby while they are sleeping.

All in all, I’m glad that I read this book after I read the Baby Whisperer because it tempered the urgent tone of the Baby Whisperer and made the techniques seem more approachable. I still plan on employing information I learned in both books as I do not believe them to be mutually exclusive.

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  1. Kate c. permalink
    07/25/2011 14:37

    All the repetition is for the sleep-deprived parents who are usually reading them, lack of sleep kills your memory! 🙂

  2. 08/09/2011 22:05

    We are parents of a 5 week old girl – our first child. At about week 3 we noticed more and more crying in the afternoon/evening. Luckily she would calm down by about 11:00 and sleep for 3 hours, so I know we don’t have it as bad as some parents. Nonetheless, it really starts to wear you down. On more than one occasion we questioned our decision to have a baby. We tried the Mylicon drops, but those didn’t seem to help much. We talked to our doctor who tried to assure us that this is just a phase some babies go through. Then I remembered a book that was featured on Oprah a couple months ago. Being the skeptic that I am, I didn’t pay much attention to it. But desperate times call for desperate measures. We looked up the book here on Amazon, and sure enough it got great reviews. Even better, there was a DVD version for those of us that don’t have the time to read the book. So we ordered it and had it shipped overnight. As we were watching it, our daughter started fussing so we followed along with the 5 S’s. Sure enough, she calmed down within a minute. We were amazed. We use these techniques everytime she starts to fuss and almost everytime we are able to calm her down. Keep in mind that this isn’t a cure for colic/crying, but they are ways to help babies calm themselves. The DVD also includes a Q&A session where Dr. Karp answers a lot of common questions, as well as a 3 calming sound tracks. They are sounds recorded from inside the womb, with different degrees of intensity. Pretty bizarre, but they seem to work. Sure beats running the vacuum cleaner! We definitely recommend this DVD, and we will give it as a gift for any new parents we know.

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