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Moby Dick and Maternity Clothes


I’ve noticed two distinct reactions from people when I discuss shopping for maternity clothes: a) excitement at my new-found excuse to purchase a new wardrobe or b) offers of ways to save money/borrow clothes to not be wasteful.

I fall somewhere in between these two perspectives. On one hand, I’m a saver and I really hate to waste money on something that won’t be used past this 5-6 month period, but on the other hand, who doesn’t like to buy a few new things? My excitement at buy new clothes, however, is typically tied to a certain amount of vanity which is lacking as my normally svelte self expands into a slightly more Moby Dick-ish profile.

If you want to go with the whole-hog replacement of your wardrobe and are like me without any post-pregnancy friends/family to borrow from, then I would highly recommend finding a Motherhood Maternity outlet near you. Their prices are very reasonable (~$30 for a pair of slacks) and they carry a decent selection of work clothes – avoid Gap because a decent pair of work slacks still carry an $80 price tag even though you’ll only get 4-5 months of wear out of them. I found some good jeans that look like regular ones at Old Navy and some cardigans that worked for my second trimester.

A number of people have recommended to me something called a “belly band” which basically looks a snugger version of the bottom of a camisole and it holds up your pants for you when you can no longer button them, but can still fit into them. I, personally, never invested in one because I tend to wear very tailored clothes and put on weight in my rear end early (luckily that stopped pretty quickly after the first “growth spurt”!). So for me the belly band wasn’t an option because I couldn’t pull up my pants and I’m not sure I would have felt comfortable coming to work with unbuttoned pants anyway in my downtown urban office (the men wear ties).

The last recommendation I have for you on maternity clothes is to buy some that fit close to your body. You may not want to have something hugging you when you’re 5 months pregnant and people just think you’ve had one too many pieces of cake, but when you get larger and more obviously pregnant, it’s nice to periodically wear clothes that do not tent away from your body making you look even bigger!

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