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Baby Book Review: “The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems”


I will be providing baby book reviews of several books that were recommended to me by my friends and family. As my reviews pre-date the birth of my child, these reviews will be from that perspective and will mainly be about what content is available in the book and the general tone of the book, not if the methods described in the book really work. I may write some posts later about how well the methods worked on my baby.

Post Topic: The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems: Sleeping, Feeding, and Behavior by Hogg and Blau

It’s your fault. This seems to be the underlying message of this book, and you know what, I really didn’t mind. Actually after being raised by a mother with a “suck it up” mentality, this tone worked for me, especially coming from a seemingly nice British woman. The author dedicated a large portion of the book to what she refers to as accidental parenting. Accidental parenting is, for example, allowing your baby to constantly fall asleep while breastfeeding or in a baby swing/bouncer thereby sending the message to your baby that they can only fall asleep while breastfeeding or swinging/bouncing.  I found these accidental parenting tips helpful because if I understand some of the ways I could go wrong, I could better avoid at least some of them – of course not all of them, I’m not that much of a dreamer! That being said, I can see how this undercurrent in the book could be intimidating to some readers.

The author discusses three primary issues: sleeping, feeding and behaviour (as is indicated by the subtitle). The book is organized by type of issue with subsections that address different age ranges. I would have liked the author to be more granular than 0-3 months about when her methods should be applied. Do I need to start this one hour after bringing the baby home from the hospital, or would one or two or three weeks be more appropriate while we all get used to each other? “Right away” is, after all, a rather subjective time scale.

So what method is the book is peddling? The author has coined her method the E.A.S.Y method for “Eat, Activity, Sleep, You Time”. She provides an in-depth description of the method for each age range and describes it as a routine, not a schedule, meaning that the baby should eat, then have a varying amount of activity (depending on age), take a nap (or sleep), then you (the parents) get some time to yourselves while baby naps/sleeps. I give the author credit for making the acronym easy to remember (no pun intended). I plan on trying some of the techniques when our little one joins us and I will be purchasing this book because I think it will be helpful to have it around at 3 am and to read the different age ranges as we get there.

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