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Baby Paraphernalia


As I mentioned in my last post, there seems to be a cornucopia of available merchandise for the newest member of your family. I sought out some feedback from some fellow rational people in my life and was very pleasantly surprised by the response. The most extensive response I received was from my cousin who, though not an engineer, is a science professor so I think she qualifies as a contributor to this blog now. I have reduced the somewhat professorial 6 page Word document she sent me into brief bullet points. I am also including only the newborn list here. I’ll provide the next phase (>6 months) list later. Enjoy and happy shopping/registering!

  • Sleeping: Somewhere for the baby to sleep, a mattress, 2 sheets, 2 mattress covers, a bumper for crib, a baby monitor, a white noise/sound machine (I’ll wait until I see how the baby sleeps before purchasing this), newborn pacifiers, and swaddling blankets.
  • Feeding: A comfortable place to feed baby including a way to elevate your feet, burp rags (10-20 cheap cloth diapers work), bottles (# & type will depend on if you’re breast or formula feeding as some are made to fit with the breast pumps), newborn flow nipples, a small manual breast pump (if you’re breastfeeding & not going back to work right away), a double electric breast pump (if you’re breastfeeding & going back to work right away – note may be covered by insurance), breast milk storage freezer bags, a bottle brush with nipple cleaning end, 4-6 thin cotton bibs, and a nursing pillow (the consensus from those surveyed seems to be My Brest Friend is better for nursing and Boppy is better later for the baby to play on).
  • Changing: A changing pad, 2 changing pad covers, diapers (1 newborn size package even if you’re using cloth – for trips, cloth diapers – if applicable), a small garbage can for wipes & other trash by baby changing station, a garbage can that seals well for the diapers, a refillable wipes container, wipes, a dresser for current sizes of clothes (top of dresser can be used as changing table if you get a pad that fits it), clothes (10 onesies & 10 footed outfits), 3-6 pairs thinner socks, 1-2 hats, and a going home from the hospital outfit (newborn and 0-3 month size outfits because you don’t know what will fit the baby for cute pictures).
  • At Home: Seat for baby in the house (bouncing/vibrating), 1-2 floor blankets, and 2-3 newborn blankets.
  • On the Road: A diaper bag, a small changing pad, a small container for disposable wipes, hand sanitizer, an extra pacifier, a car seat, a stroller, a Pack N Play (if you’re going to be visiting a lot of people), a baby carrier, a blanket for covering car seat in winter and a thinner blanket for blocking sun in car in summer.
  • Cleaning: A baby bath tub with back rest, baby soap, 4-6 baby wash cloths, 1-2 baby towels with hoods, perfume & dye-free laundry detergent, and a small laundry basket in the baby’s room.
  • Health & Safety: Infant Tylenol & Ibuprofen (dye-free so it doesn’t stain if the baby spits it up), Vaseline, zinc oxide cream (diaper rashes), lanolin (sore nipples or over-washed post-diaper change hands), a thermometer, a nasal suction bulb, baby nail clippers, and thin little cotton mittens (so they can’t scratch their face).

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