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It’s a Dad’s Life


With Father’s Day this weekend, I decided to write a post in honour of my husband who – though not a father yet – has not been acknowledged the way he deserves in this blog to date.

It’s true, pregnancy is hardest on the pregnant woman, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard on our significant others as well. They are dealing with the crazy hormonal mood swings, the need to constantly reassure us that we’re not beached whales and are still beautiful to them, the requests for back rubs, and dealing with the litter box. On top of all this, they are dealing with the reality of becoming a father while not having the physical daily (or minutely) reminder that the woman has.

So even though you may feel like you’re carrying the weight of the burden of pregnancy yourself (no pun intended), remember to thank that significant other for all the support they give you – without them you’d probably be even more crazy right now.

I leave you with The Dad’s Life… Respect.

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