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The Pregnancy Club


I’ve noticed ever since it became public knowledge that I’m pregnant that people like to tell me about all the other people they know that are pregnant as though I might know them. I put it in the same category as people listing off everyone they’ve ever known that comes from the same city you do in the extremely unlikely chance that you have somehow bumped into them. While it’s nice that people are excited about pregnant women – hey it’s always nice to get some extra love in my day, especially when I feel like I need an OVERSIZE LOAD sign on my back – please don’t be surprised if I don’t know your friend.

Unless I missed the application in the mail, pregnancy is not a club, we don’t have memberships, and as we all know, there are very minimal qualifications required to enter the “fold”. That being said there does seem to be a certain amount of camaraderie between those that are or have been pregnant. Perhaps it’s more of a commiseration among peers – we all know generally what the other person is going through and even those who look back at their pregnancy with rose-coloured glasses seem to nod knowingly when you list off one of the less desirable symptoms.

So maybe pregnant women are in club purgatory, stuck between Club DINK (Dual Income No Kids) and Club Parents. One thing we can probably all agree on is that though we are excitedly awaiting the membership to Club Parents, we wish we could avoid the companion membership to Club Diaper Changers.

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