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Belly Button Removal


I have always liked my belly button. In fact, I liked it so much that when I was 20-years-old my college roommate and I got ours pierced together. As such, it was a long dreaded day when my pregnancy would progress far enough to undo what doctors had so artfully created on my birth day. Now might be a good time to note that I have a long-standing irrational fear of “out-ies”. (I’m sorry if you have a outie and I’ve just offended you, but I did qualify it by saying it was irrational.)

It’s no secret that belly buttons change during pregnancy and they have to, I mean the rest of you is so why should they be exempt? The pregnant belly button makes the slow and steady migration from cute “in-ie” to either a flat belly button-less look or an “out-ie”. For me, this migration reached the break even point with the rest of my belly in Week 21 of my pregnancy and I was not amused. Luckily this is just a temporary state and my belly button should return to its pre-pregnancy condition after the baby is born!

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  1. kate C. permalink
    06/15/2011 00:27

    I really hate to scare you like this, but be forewarned that despite everything I have ever read that my bellybutton would return to normal after pregnancy… it very much did not. 😦 I had an innie, now it’s an outie. Maybe I am the only one in the world that this has happened to, I don’t know, but I did feel very cheated after the birth when it did not change back!! (despite losing the pregnancy weight very quickly, fitting into pre-baby jeans in less than a week, etc.) I don’t know what happened to it! My wonderful girls are worth it… but I still do miss my old belly button! Of course, the silvery old stretch marks aren’t the most attractive either, so I probably wasn’t going to be wearing a bikini anyway, but still. Sigh. Mothers do have to give up a lot! Hopefully your belly button won’t be one thing on your list!!

    Speaking of giving things up… I did just talk with a friend about how much she pays for her day care where you are. WOW is it insanely expensive out there! She did tell me the care is outstanding and better than she had back in Madison – because they pay the workers so much better — so it’s probably worth it. But it was sticker shock for me!

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