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The Babymoon


The “babymoon” may seem like a great excuse to take a vacation, but it’s so much more. It’s a chance to take a break from work and get some of that rest everyone keeps telling you that you need, but you don’t normally have the time to take (3 pm nap at work? I think not).

So when should you go? Where should you go? What can you do when you’re there?

  • When: My doctor recommended taking a trip between the 18th and 24th weeks of my pregnancy. My doctor’s rationale for this time period was two-fold: 1) wouldn’t it be nice to have a little of that second trimester energy to share with your partner on vacation? 2) yes, you can fly after the 24th week of pregnancy, but why push it if it’s a voluntary trip? The duration of your trip is entirely up to your finances/vacation time/work commitments, how you plan to use your vacation time while on maternity leave and if you have a high risk pregnancy that requires you to have more frequent doctor visits.
  • Where: My doctor requested that we stick with 1st world countries so that if I needed to seek expert medical care, I could. The doctor also highly recommended that we stay away from tropical countries that have tropical diseases.
  • What Can I Do: I’m not a doctor so I’m not going to answer this question. Ask your doctor because you’re a snowflake and it all depends on you and the baby and your specific risk factors.

My husband and I took a week-long trip to Maui which was ideal (if not too short mentally) for us. We left at 19 weeks and returned at 20 weeks into my pregnancy so I was able to feel mostly normal while we were there except for the fact that putting on tennis shoes got harder towards the end of the trip – luckily it was Hawaii so sandals are the staple. I wasn’t able to do certain things like SCUBA diving, but I was able to enjoy several wonderful days of snorkeling, lots of long walks on the beach, driving around the island, swimming laps, and some good book/Sudoku time.

All in all, I would highly recommend the “babymoon”, wherever your travels take you!

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  1. kate C. permalink
    06/10/2011 00:34

    Pictures? 🙂 Sounds like a great trip!!!

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