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Weight for It


“The waist is a terrible thing to mind.” – Tom Wilson, Cartoonist

I have never been one to subscribe to this approach to my weight, in fact, I’ve trended towards the other end of the spectrum. I’ve been called “too thin”, “skinny”, and was even questioned once if I was anorexic in high school. The latter was particularly amusing to me because I could have eaten my weight in ice cream in high school without gaining a pound. This fantastic metabolism, however, did not follow me into my adult life and I gained my freshman 15 which remained with me until I was about 26. I then swung the other way and lost not only those freshman 15, but 5 more of their friends. After maintaining that weight for nearly 4 years by carefully monitoring my diet and being a workout fiend, suddenly I was told by my doctor that I couldn’t work out for a month when I first learned that I was pregnant as a result of my spotting for the first five weeks of my pregnancy. I spent the following month feeling like a truck had run me over (got to love that first trimester!) so my workouts took a back burner to the 9.5+ hours of sleep I suddenly required a night. Two months post-diet, post-workout, and I had gained 8 pounds. I stepped off and on the scale refusing to believe the new number staring back at me.

My doctor’s recommended  total weight gain range for me was 25-35 pounds during the pregnancy and I had hit 8 pounds by 13 weeks! Considering weight gain during pregnancy is not linear, I was on pace to gain more than a little over my recommended range. <Insert freaking out here.>

Luckily around the same time, I started my second trimester and my workouts and their frequency improved greatly. During the next two weeks, I only gained 2 pounds which was within my doctor’s recommended maximum of 4 pounds per month during my second trimester. I was thrilled. Probably a little too thrilled which lead to the I-can-do-no-wrong phase of any diet/exercise plan and perhaps had a little too much “fun” for the next week. 3.5 pounds later I ended up crying when I stepped onto the scale which I’m going to blame on pregnancy hormones. Now I’m back to being a good girl and getting the diet/exercise plan back on track, not only for me, but for the little person who I hope to be a role model for when they are old enough to know if their mom is a little portly!

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  1. Kate C. permalink
    05/13/2011 01:15

    I’m commenting on every one of your posts! Yikes! Ban me if I get too annoying! 🙂

    Do consider that not everyone gains their weight at that same ‘average’ curve. I, for one, eat whenever I’m hungry during pregnancy, and gain more than ‘recommended’ in the first trimester. But I always end up gaining exactly 35 pounds by the end. That just seems to be what my body does. A week after the birth I can wear my (ok, low-rise) pre-pregnancy jeans, and the weight is all lost in 6 weeks afterward (with no effort besides breastfeeding and eating whenever I’m hungry) (**except an extra 5 pounds that always sticks around until breastfeeding ends, and then that’s gone too!)

    So yeah, you can’t use ‘eating for two’ as an excuse to pig out, but trust your body a little bit too and realize that not everyone gains the weight at that ‘average’ rate! 🙂

  2. 06/24/2011 21:21

    oh my gosh. i could have written this post myself. 🙂 that’s exactly my weight gain in a nutshell. i was totally freaking out when i found out how much weight i gained in the first trimester (i didnt get any morning sickness but i did feel like i was eating like a teenage boy and sleeping like 11 hours a night!) i tried to continue with my workouts but i had to cut the intensity but it didnt seem to matter – the weight just stuck on like something fierce. i totally thought i would balloon out of control but once i got past the 13 weeks, the weight gain slowed down dramatically and now im (whew) relieved that i’m finally “in line” with gaining the recommended amount of 25-35 also.

    • 06/24/2011 22:06

      I’m so glad someone else can relate. Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’re on this island all by yourself while you’re pregnant! I just read your letters to my unborn baby post and really enjoyed it. Loving those little fingers and toes will be so much easier when baby goes 3D!

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