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The Social Network


In an age when you’re not married until you change your Facebook status (, how can you decide when to let your social network know that you’re pregnant?

Do you put the news on Facebook first? Tweet it? Perhaps check-in at a Gymboree store on FourSquare? Write a blog post about it? Use it as your away message on IM? Share a belly shot on Flickr? Digg a few articles on child-birth? Send a note to your colleagues on LinkedIn? Group text? Or simply go with an “old-fashioned” email, or even more stone age – the phone call? How about an in-person con-ver-sa-tion (I think that’s how you say it?)?

What is the social media era etiquette on sharing life changing news?

My husband and I did a combination of most of the above, though it was condensed into a week-long media blitz of baby news sharing in my 13th-14th weeks of pregnancy. In 9 short days, we went from two close friends knowing (we each got one person to tell well in advance of the general population to keep our sanity) to our entire social networks knowing. It was fun, exciting, overwhelming, and generally exhausting, but it also meant that very few feelings were hurt (“why did so-and-so know for WEEKS before you told ME?!?”).

Leave a comment if you think you have the perfect solution for etiquette in the modern socially networked world!

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  1. Sue Morrison (Steve's wife) permalink
    05/02/2011 21:11

    Have to say that I spent quite some time today reading all your blogs and loved them!! The best, of course, was how you told your parents about the baby – put tears in my eyes.

    Congratulations on your exciting news!! We are so happy for you and your (expanding) family!!


    Sue & Steve

  2. Drew permalink
    05/19/2011 20:46

    I have to say, the Baby with an arrow pointing down t-shirt did the trick for me.

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