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Telling the Grandparents


Some little girls dream about white dresses and bouquets, I always dreamed about telling my father I was having a baby.

From reading that statement, you could reasonably assume that I’m a “daddy’s girl”, but you’d be incorrect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very close with my father (barring several curfew-laden years in my teenage stage), but I was always closer with my mother growing up. Then why were you fantasizing about telling your father you ask? I don’t know. The best explanation I can provide is that there is something special about telling someone who has always been somewhat repressed emotionally and waiting for them to start crying. It’s beautiful.

So how did we tell our parents? Well for my parents, I bought a tshirt with a downward pointing arrow that said “Baby”. We had another excuse to go to their house to celebrate my father’s birthday so I wore a sweater and took it off after the initial greetings. When I turned around they both just stared at me then got HUGE smiles on their faces. (My husband managed to snap a photo of this moment which I have to say is priceless.) That’s when the aforementioned tears came and the hugs. Perfect. My husband went and grabbed the champagne (none for me!) and his iPad to show off the 3D ultrasound video and the still images. We also gave them both frames with an ultrasound picture. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

My husband’s parents are divorced so we had to call his out-of-town father to share the news. For his mother, we told her we were coming to celebrate an early Mother’s Day with her and brought a “Mother’s Day gift”. It was actually a frame with “Picture Coming Around MM/DD/YYYY” with my due date filled in. After a few moments of staring at the frame she looked at my husband who said “You’re going to be a Grandma!” A lightbulb moment later then a squeal and tears and hugs. I snapped pictures during the process which could be made into an amusing flip book in the future. Perfect again.

I’m pretty sure we could have skipped the cute/cheesy gimmicks and just blurted it out, but for us and our parents these gimmicks helped produce moments we will never forget…ever.

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