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The Golden Age: 2nd Trimester


When I was going through the first trimester of my pregnancy, I kept reading everywhere that my symptoms would “get better” in the second trimester. Being a realist, I took this literally, they would get “better”, but “better” doesn’t mean “great”.

I was wrong.

Call it psychosomatic if you wish, but within days of starting my second trimester (which for these purposes I’m calling Week 13), the clouds parted and a bright sunny engineer returned to work. My morning sickness subsided about a week earlier to a manageable periodic level and my exhaustion dissipated. Suddenly I actually started sweating during my workouts again… what a concept! My work product went from being a bare minimum to sprinting through my work and looking for more by 2 pm. I had realized that I was tired and spacey, but I did not realize the degree to which I was tired and spacey until the haze lifted.

So it’s good to be back… and if you told me anything important in the past 2 months, please rinse and repeat, I don’t remember it.

Let’s hope this lasts!

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