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“Morning” Sickness


I think the same person who invented nylons and high heels coined the term “morning sickness”. The individual was also likely a sadist and had questionable mental faculties.

Are you sick in the morning? Probably. Are you also sick for most of the rest of the day? Probably. “Morning” sickness is one of the greatest misnomers of all time like peanuts (not nuts) or American football (where you’re actually not allowed to use your feet for most of the game). The reality is that morning sickness affects 50 to 90 percent of women and anyone who tells you they have a cure or treatment for it is taking you for a ride. ( Your ability to handle morning sickness is the much more important factor in how uncomfortable you’ll be. Some women lose their lunch at the slightest thing, others (like myself) have a higher tolerance for nausea and so may actually throw up only once or not-and-all as a result of morning sickness. What I found the most helpful was simply snacking all day (oh and I became a Tums junky – doctor recommended!), but I’m making no claims that this got rid of the morning sickness, it just made it more tolerable. I actually learned this habit because I have rather severe acid reflux in my normal non-pregnant life as well. Sometimes when the acid is throwing a temper tantrum in your stomach, just putting a little food in there – even just a saltine or two – will help to calm down that acid. Is this counter intuitive? Of course it is! Who thinks, “wow I’m really nauseous… I know I’ll eat something!”? I do. I also found that something I previously loved above all else (except my husband) candy was suddenly the enemy. The mere sight of a bag of candy was enough to send me running for the bathroom. So if you discover that there is something you are repulsed by, avoid it. If there’s something that sounds particularly good (as long as it’s not McDonald’s french fries for every meal), eat it. In my case, I could not get enough scrambled eggs.

The good news? Morning sickness is a first trimester symptom for most women (though some women do have symptoms throughout their pregnancy). My morning sickness took a major step down from being a 24-hour a day operation to occasional nausea around the 10 week mark. I hope yours does the same, but if it doesn’t, remember you’re not alone.

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  1. Kate C. permalink
    05/02/2011 13:45

    Ah, but I do have a cure! 🙂 At least I have one that works for me. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to do double-blind, placebo control studies on one subject… However, I am fairly confident of this one. (Sorry the info is a little late for you! But I’ll tell you about it sometime… maybe it will help you next time? Of course, I do believe that women’s ‘morning’ sickness symptoms are probably not all caused by exactly the same thing, so it’s possible it won’t work for you!)

    • 05/02/2011 15:53

      True, too late for me, but not too late for someone else who might read this blog. Share the cure!

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