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Yeah You’re Pregnant! Now What?


You’ve jumped up and down (hopefully not too much though!), you’ve cried, you’ve hugged, now what? I was experiencing spotting and pain in my abdomen which can be symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy (meaning the egg didn’t quite make it to the uterus so the embryo is developing in the fallopian tube), so in my case, the first thing I did was call my doctor. She had me come in for a blood test to confirm that I was pregnant then called me the next day to say that I was not only pregnant, but my hormone levels were “quite high” and if I was in a taxi-radius of her office could I come in “immediately”. Now I can’t speak for everyone on the planet, but I’m pretty sure that at least 90 percent of the population drops everything and gets their rear end in a cab when their doctor uses the “i”-word. And thus I did.

I learned that day several key pieces of information:

1) You can have an ultrasound at 7 weeks and see the baby’s heart beat.

2) I did not have an ectopic pregnancy.

3) I was not carrying twins like my doctor had thought based on my hormone levels.

4) It is best to call your spouse before making an emergency run to your doctor’s office and ask nicely that they not go to happy hour.

Next entry will be back to providing information and less personal anecdotes in a segment I like to call “Wait I’m How Many Weeks Along?”

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