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Let’s Do This Thing!


To date you have 1) made a very important decision to try to get pregnant 2) freaked out about all the ways to screw this up and 3) done some real preparation work. All that’s left now is… oh yeah… getting pregnant!

If you’re like me and have years of pent-up subconscious concern about your ability to get pregnant, then this is something that has crossed your mind once or twice during the first three steps. My concern came from both my mother and my husband’s mother struggling with miscarriages. Now in my rational (engineer) brain, I know that my mother-in-law’s difficulties really have little bearing on my ability to conceive, but there was that little speck of a thought that hovered in the back of my brain regarding my husband and his “contributions”. I was far more concerned about my own mother’s issues and the potential for a highly hereditary disease called endrometriosis to impact my abilities to have a baby. Once I moved past these fears, it occurred to me that after years of actively trying NOT to get pregnant, I had no idea how to go about it now that I did! If that doesn’t give you a good hearty chuckle inside, I really don’t know what will. The irony is astounding.

I am a over-achieving perfectionist who strives for efficiency in everything I do – I figured there had to be a better way that just being intimate and hoping for the best. The girlfriend I had confided in connected me with a friend of hers who had a six month old to help me answer this question of how to get pregnant. It was through one simple email exchange that I learned about Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler ( I bought the book immediately (used from Amazon because I’m also a saver). After reading the first half of the book, I had learned the basics of plotting my temperature and other signs of fertility and was ready to buy a basal thermometer (available at pretty much all drug stores) and start! The only problem was that I’d only been off of birth control for a month by this point and my temperatures were all over the map therefore determining when I was ovulating was just not going to happen. So we wait…

Next step… Who’s To Say Patience is a Virtue?

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